Welcome to The Apology and Forgiveness Website

This website was designed for those of us who would like to apologize and/or forgive someone. Whether it is someone here, there, past, present, or even ourselves, this site is for you. At times, we may not find the courage or have the opportunity to apologize. You may think the person won’t receive your apology. Maybe we lack the strength or the compassion to forgive. You may think there are situations too impossible to forgive.

The Apology/Forgiveness website allows you the freedom to express or confess your feelings anonymously. You may even find the strength and courage to face those who deserve your apology or need your forgiveness. Once the “Apology” or “Forgive” button is pressed, unless you saved a copy for yourself, your anonymous expressions are deleted and replaced by words of encouragement.

Let your healing process begin today with the….

Apology/ Forgiveness Website!